Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A typical Wednesday

I find myself stressing about how to justify a homeschool day. Seriously, people look at you like you are crazy and/or something is wrong with your child. And I find myself trying to prove our "homeschool" worth in my head. Did we spend enough time today doing...? or did we play way too much today? I think if I had planned to homeschool I would be better prepared for my perfectionism and need to do "it" better. But last Wednesday was a awesome day where we pushed the day's lesson plans aside and improvised.

We played with blocks for 90 minutes. We discussed balance and base and architecture.

I honestly have never seen Zachary beam so much with pride.

According to Zachary, this is a "Robot Roar". He pointed out the 3 heads.

Then we did some chores. They gather all their dirty laundry. And play in it.

Zachary is "Batman" and Nathan is a "Dirty Spider".

We did read and discuss a book over breakfast, work on site words, and practice a little math.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

in my spare time

I have been known to spend hours online researching exercises. Why? Well It's kinda fun. And I don't have the patience to deal with my children at a real gym so I workout at home. In an effort to keep it all interesting, I'm constantly coming up with something different. The basic structure is always the same, intervals of resistance and cardio.

I think I'm on the cusp of something new. Lol.

I borrowed the physique 57 DVDs from a friend a while back. I really liked them. The first few times I completed them I was super sore. And in a matter of a couple of weeks (3 times a week) I could actually see a change in my body. However, I missed the intervals of cardio. I am a firm believer that short, high intensity cardio intervals beats the pants off long sustained cardio. I have been able to find plenty of articles from experts to back up that claim.

I've also been working out with my sweet friend Amy. She can't run on a treadmill for medical reasons (ie knee replacement). So we started doing something similar to step aerobics for the the cardio intervals. Like jumping jacks, high knees, and any other silly move we can think of to keep us busy for 2 minutes. It's totally fun! And effective!

So tonight I have spent the last 90 minutes trying to find a good way to combine the physique 57 and silly aerobics. I think I've come up with a plan that will work. I'm going to commit to it for a least the next month (unless Amy protests) and see if it makes me long and lean. And smiley!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clean out the cupboards

I'm pretty good with food. No real issues. Due to tummy problems, I maintain a fairly low carb diet. It doesn't cause me to lose weight really, but it makes it easy enough to maintain my current weight.

I really do like cooking. Although I know very little, I'm not afraid to experiment. 9 of 10 meals end with happy bellies.

My family will eat just about anything and they are always sweet and appreciative of a home cooked meal. Also, Nathan really loves to help in the kitchen. So I've decided to challenge myself. For the next, 30 days I will prepare a Clean Eating recipe for dinner at least 5 days a week.