Monday, November 8, 2010

No Doubt

This morning we stopped by Nathan's school to sign the paperwork that officially withdrew him from Kindergarten. Nathan was in the back seat talking to me about fly traps. As we were pulling into the parking lot, he stopped and said, "What are we doing here at Martin Elementary?" I replied, "I have to go sign a paper." He quickly pleaded, "Please Mommy don't make me go inside." My eyes got teary and I took a deep breath and said, "No baby. You can stay in the car." Nathan replied, "Yay!"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 2

Week 2- Here's what we do each week. We start each morning at breakfast. We do calendar activities, talk about the weather, and then do a read aloud. The boys sit with complete attention and actually eat all their breakfast, which is a first. We read a book at lunch as well. The kids eat so much more. Then we do some fun fine motor experience. It includes a letter focus for Nathan, but also just fun. Like painting with glue and shaving cream. Other days we do a craft or play dough or puzzles.
On Monday morning we go swimming. Tuesday morning is library & park day. Wednesday morning we stay home and play together. Thursday morning we have a early play date and then gymnastics. Friday morning Zachary goes to KDO and Nathan I have a field trip. Tuesday/Thursday while Zachary naps we get a little more focused. We do reading skills, math, science/social studies. I want Nathan to understand numbers and have math sense so we spend a good deal of time talking about patterns and number relationships. For example 11 is 10 +1. That's why it is a 1 and a 1. Nathan has an amazing memory so we spend time on sight words and word parts. Science is experiments and observation. Science and reading are Nathan's favorite things. Nathan reads everyday. He has a little notebook and fancy pen that he writes little notes in all day long. M/W/F afternoons Nathan goes to the art school preschool. He feels really safe and good there. He gets to be the smart one in class. Most afternoons are filled with play dates and cooking and piano lessons and art with mom. We are all so happy!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moments from Week 1

Wow! I had no idea, really, how much I would enjoy this. Nathan is loving it. Zachary is loving it. Mommy is loving it. Daddy can easily see what a great decision it was. Our first week honestly went off without a hitch. I was somewhat surprised. We have established a weekly schedule and routine. Here are just a few pictures of things/times that I remembered to snap a shot with my phone.

Week 2- Fall Theme and Pointillism Art