Sunday, July 12, 2009

Strength or Fortitude

Julie took the Your Tarot Card Reading quiz and the result is Strength or Fortitude

Your Tarot Reading drew the Strength or Fortitude card. This card shows you that you will soon take a new control over the way you handle your life. This self contol will help you bring resolve and reconciliation to your live. You will feel a new found strength inside you after this transitional phase. Optimism, and Generosity will play a important roll.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My village- friends

I am truly blessed to have the most wonderful friends.  I have been leaning hard on them for the past year and they are as strong as ever.  Each one has a special gift they give me.  I am never alone and I never feel unloved.  Last night, they took me out for some me time.  We had a blast.  I'm going to do individual blogs about each one very soon.  I love you guys!  You are the best!

Friday, July 10, 2009

child of nature, friend of man

Songwriters: Corbetta, J; Riordan, D; Phillips, J
Greeen Eyed Lady, lovely lady
Strolling slowly towards the sun

Green eyed lady ocean lady
Soothing every wave that comes

Green eyed lady, passion's lady
dressed in love she lives for life to be

Green eyed lady feels like I never see
Setting suns and lonely lovers free

(Organ solo)
(long instrumental break)

Green eyed lady, windswept lady
moves the night the waves the sand

Green eyed lady ocean lady
child of nature, friend of man

Green eyed lady passions lady
dressed in love she lives for life to be

Green eyed lady feels like I never see
Setting sons and lonely lovers free

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th, 2009

After nap time, we headed to the Daniel's for some July 4th festivities.  My camera remained in my purse for the first few hours, whoops.  Nathan played in the little pool and sprinkler with all the other boys.  It was all boys except for the 3 mommies and a little bitty 11 day old, Lilly.  When it started to get close to the time you would expect the sun to go down we headed outside.  It was a late night for the boys.  I tried to get Zach to sleep in the pack and play, but no dice.  After an hour of crying, I gave up.  Nathan had a total come apart when we had to leave, but the evening was awesome.  I just love to watch my boys, big and little, play and play and play.  Seriously, when you send 4 grown man children to the fireworks stand, you should expect a spectacular fireworks display.  We still don't know how much the spent.