Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a pretty low-key Easter. We decorated eggs in the morning. Nathan's fingers are still greenish purple from the dye. He insisted on trying a hard-boiled egg. Of course, he also insisted on coating it with black pepper. He had quite a reaction.

In the afternoon, we did a little egg hunt in the backyard. He literally ran from one end of the yard to the other. There was no zone egg hunting! Then the neighbor girl, Carissa, came over and she and Nathan hid eggs for Eric and I to find. Looking for Easter eggs is more fun than I remember. Nathan wanted to sit and open every single egg and eat the contents. Nathan and Mommy both had Jelly Belly Bean tummy aches!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Mommy: Nathan we saw the baby inside my tummy today.

Nathan: Uh Huh

Mommy: What kind of baby do you think it is?

Nathan: (whispers) Its a boy, just like me.

Daddy: You're right buddy. You're going to have a baby brother!

Nathan: That means he has a penis.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just Like Daddy

Nathan has been wearing underware since last August. He has several different characters of "tighty whiteys". He of course prefers Diego, Nemo, and anything with cars. Last week we got him some boxer briefs and he realized they were "Just like Daddy's". So now every morning he insists on boxer briefs and white t-shirts. You can't really see, but in the picture he also had to add rain boots because it was raining outside.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Against Medical Advice

Since I'm only 16 weeks pregnant, my OB won't schedule my diagnostic ultrasound until somewhere between 20-22 weeks. Well, I can't wait that long. I've felt terrible for 9 weeks now and honestly very apathetic about this whole pregnancy thing. Constant guilt over what a lazy mother I've become. (I used to be a bunch of fun!) Sadness over the miserable companion I've become to my DH. So what's a girl to do... call the local BabyWaves and schedule her own ultrasound.

I scheduled it last week and have been anxiously awaiting Thursday's appt. Today, being the good patient that I am, I called to get the permission slip from my OB, and was sadly denied! Something about babywaves finding problems before my doctor????

My heroic husband paged my OB who after some confusion offered to up my diagnostic ultrasound to week 17. Of course the first thing that went through my mind was, "Oh, I'll be forever flagged as a pain in the butt patient." So I called the Babywaves to discover that they will go ahead with the ultrasound even without my doctor's permission. Which is how it should be since I'm paying for it!!!

So Against Medical Advice (sort of) I will be getting a much anticipated ultrasound this Thursday at 2:00. Of course they are all quick to point out that they might not be able to distinquish the baby's sex. I'm sure I'll have a blog for that!


So all my friends are blogging. I haven't even put a single thing in Nathan's scrapbook since his 1st birthday, not to mention his baby book. Why am I starting something new??? Honestly, I have no idea. Except maybe it will be fun to vent a little about being... just being!

I haven't figured out all the cool blogging tricks. This will probably be pretty basic. Maybe I will add something once per week. To all my cool blogging friends, feel free to send me some places to visit so I can enhance my blogging experience.